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You appreciate the awesome power of the internet to communicate with thousands of potential clients, customers, and fans. But in a sea of websites used by small businesses, performers, and nonprofits like yourself, how can you get your message to stand out from the crowd?

The quest for visibility begins with a custom layout design. Sweet Designs will tailor the unique look that separates you from the pretenders, posers, and wannabes, the look that says you're good at what you do. A professional design team you'll find easy to work with.

So how do I get started?

1. Contact Sweet Designs. Start by filling out the project form so that we can understand your needs and supply a quote. We may reply by e-mail with some clarifying questions, or we may call you. Of course, you may also e-mail or call us at any time with questions of your own.

2. When you're ready to proceed, we'll draft a project agreement for your inspection and signature.

Before our design work begins, please send us all photos, graphics, and other content to be used in your project. The process will go much more smoothly if all of your materials are in hand before we begin.

3. After receiving your signed project agreement, materials, and full payment*, one of our designers will get right to work.

4. Throughout the design process, we'll keep you updated with our progress by e-mail. Drafts of our graphic design work will be included. This is your opportunity to give us input so that we create the website design that meets your needs and expectations.

5. At this point, we'll need your hosting information in order to publish your new website.

How long does it take?

2 to 4 weeks is typical. Each project is different, and as with any business, there are busy times and not-so-busy times. We will work with you to set a target date for your project. Please be sure to communicate any special needs. If you need your website completed in less than two weeks, reasonable rush fees will apply.

*By PayPal, check, or money order. Please realize that a check takes a few days to clear and may cause a brief delay in services. PayPal is convenient and secure, and accepts major credit cards.

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